Gen Con 2019


-This year we are doing electronic tickets with Gen Con, so you will not need any physical tickets for this event! You will need your badge, which we will scan to activate your ticket!


-Into the Dragon's Lair is located in the JW Grand Ballroom 7, which is on the 3rd floor of the JW Marriott!


-Please be sure you arrive before the time listed on your ticket! We do not have a lot of flexibility with our time schedule, so we need to start our game introduction precisely at the time scheduled!



CU Adventures is excited to bring our brand-new, 80 minute escape room “Into the Dragon’s Lair” to Gen Con 2019!

In this immersive live-action puzzle game, your team has 80 minutes to traverse an interdimensional rift, discover the secrets of a fantastical realm, and save the kingdom from a fearsome dragon! This brand-new adventure features a unique twist on the escape room experience.

Your team will face not a single escape room, but a series of 4 different chambers, each with its own immersive set design and challenges. Our largest game ever, your quest takes you from game night to the depths of a dungeon full of traps and puzzles.

After the adventure, there is an optional metapuzzle teams can complete, using clues found throughout the game. Each session features self-adjusting difficulty levels to challenge new players and escape room veterans alike! Duration includes a 10-minute scenario introduction, four 15-minute chambers, and a 10-minute post-game breakdown and metapuzzle.

Watch this space for news and additional information about the game as we get closer to August, and check out a few photos from our escape room events last year!