Gen Con 2023

CU Adventures returns to Gen Con with Critical Putt!

This 90-minute adventure combines minigolf with escape rooms and RPGs to create something you’ve never seen before!

King Parthur has summoned heroes to defend the kingdom. Armed with…unconventional tools, your group sets out into the wild. Each hole is more than just a putting challenge. As your party journeys across the course, there are puzzles to solve and decisions to make, digitally tracked so choices affect you later in the game. Do you take an easier shot on hole 3 and let the monster escape, knowing it may return to make a later challenge harder? From character creation to boss battle, Critical Putt features different ways to play for minigolf and escape room fans alike.

Based in Champaign-Urbana IL, CU Adventures hosted escape rooms at Gen Con from 2016-2019. Known for immersive sets and award-winning gameplay, CU Adventures is excited to return to Gen Con with this new concept.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about the event. You can email us at or message us on Facebook. Watch this space for news and additional information about the game as we get closer to August!