We currently have six adventures, and each features a different set of challenges! Players must use observation, communication, and critical thinking to win. In light of COVID-19, our list of available escape rooms is always changing; our Booking page will always have the most up-to-date information about available games.

Your weekly game night turns into an epic fantasy adventure as you're sucked into the game and find yourself inside a magical kingdom!
4-8 Players
Our award-winning fantasy escape room!, Live actor in-game!
An evil wizard has cast dark magic across the kingdom. You snuck into his inner sanctum and have one hour to stop him!
2-6 Players
A magical fantasy escape room!
Grab your super-suit and prepare for action in this superhero themed adventure! Featuring secret passages, death traps, and 2/3 of a Volkswagen, this is our largest adventure yet!
4-10 Players
An action-packed superhero escape room!
An alien spaceship was just discovered deep beneath an Antarctic glacier. Can you discover the secrets of the Icarus before it's too late?
4-8 Players
NOTE: Game may include lighting and fog effects
Ebenezer Scrooge has kidnapped Santa Claus, and the elves need your help to rescue him. Can you SAVE CHRISTMAS?
2-8 Players
Featuring video of CU's favorite Santa, the late great Rodney Woodworth!
Sharpen your favorite axe and take on evil spirits in a haunted cabin! This slightly spooky adventure is our most popular game!
2-8 Players
Recommended age 13+
This digital escape room challenges you to escape a haunted office - from home!
1 - 6 Players
Play-from home!, Price starts at $10 for unlimited players!
Adventure from home in this online + print-and-play escape room! Can you find the Lost Temple and save the world?
1-6 Players
A supernatural detective escape room!, Price starts at $10 for unlimited players!